Summer in Full Effect

COVID-19 dramatically affected all of our lives. It still is. At Kids in the Game, we’ve remained committed to providing a safe and positive environment for communities across NYC, and kids have had the chance to grow and learn even through a year of shutdown. 

Heading into the Summer of 2021, one of our key goals was to assist our youth in recovery from the impacts of COVID-19. With our summer camps now in full effect, we are dedicated to providing a healthy transition for our youth as they return to socializing, engaging with peers at school, and of course, play. 

Summer in Full Effect

Campers playing in McCarren Park at our newest Greenpoint location.

According to the Aspen Institute, above 80% of parents’ desired outcome is for their kids to have fun.

The Aspen Institute

 For kids entering our camps and re-entering play after a year at home, we have really focused on creating an environment where kids have positive experiences and make new friends. And according to our counselors, the kids are bringing the energy every single day! 

“It feels great to finally be back outside, doing more activities, and having the chance to freely play with my friends again.”

East Village Camper 

Summer in Full Effect
Team East Village with their paper airplanes!

 “The campers are so excited to be back outside, playing with new friends, and trying new things. They have been excited about having a space to freely express themselves and are loving the opportunity to plan some of the activities we do.” 

Cara Hudson, East Village Camp Director
Summer in Full Effect
Bubble time in Central Park for our Upper West Side Camp.

Summer camp is in full swing, and it’s not too late to get in on the action. Check out our Sports & Swim Camp at Riverdale Neighborhood House! Running from August 23rd to 27th. Spots are filling up fast. Secure yours today!