Early Drop-Off Programs


1.  Breakfast Club: Working with all students or a specific population, KING provides physical fitness activities and then breakfast to get kids ready to learn for the day. This program is targeted towards populations that have high absenteeism or come to school without breakfast on a consistent basis.

2. Family Fitness: Typically offered 1-2x per week, mom or dad comes to school with the child 30-45 minutes before the day starts and participates in a healthy activity. Not only does this give kids valuable time with mom or dad, but it promotes healthy living and physical activity – something that is great for both the kids and their parents!

3. Early Drop-Off Fitness: What we call ‘0-hour Physical Education’ – there is no question that physical fitness to start the day directly impacts academic performance at schools. Schools that have implemented an optional fitness class in the morning have seen tremendous results!

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