Fitness Programs For Families


1.Review – We discuss what types of activities, programs, and support your families are interested in.  We assess available spaces to better personalize the program to your school.

2.Collaborate – After the review, we sit down with your school administration and parents to define the goals of the program, and discuss its implementation.

3.Implement – We work closely and collaboratively with your administration and families to coordinate all marketing and registration efforts.  Following that, we begin the program.


KING coaches (1-2 depending on the size of the school) teach parents and children ways they can utilize different activities as methods of exercising together.

For 30-45 minutes on designated mornings, KING coaches lead activities ranging from specific sports (basketball, soccer, volleyball), to fitness games (partner games, team games), and engaging movement activities (Zumba, yoga, dynamic stretching).

Parents leave, ready for a productive work day as their children transition to their classrooms with their minds and bodies ready to focus and learn.


  • Invigorating movement jumpstarts not only the body but the brain as well.
  • Encouraging healthy choices at school and home.
  • Improved sense of school community and identity.
  • Increased focus and positive energy.
  • Fostering healthy relationships between parents and their children.