KING Hoops

KING Hoops: Elite Basketball Program for Girls

Our Coaches

Coach Tiffany
Niagara University
Pro: DCU Mercy
(Dublin, Ireland)
Coach Deaisia
Monroe Community College
Post University
Coach Makenzie
St. Michael’s College
Pro: Fabplus Northwest
Pro: LYIT Donegal
(Donegal, Ireland)

Official Junior Knicks Affiliate


— The KING Hoops basketball staff’s main goal for our training program is to instill a passion and love for the game, particularly a passion and love to get better. By honing in on specific drills we are able to improve our players games and get them more comfortable on the court. We also focus on the mental aspect during our sessions, by constantly challenging our players through drills and skills to be better prepared for competition.

  • Initial skill evaluation for each player
  • Personal development plan
  • Multiple locations across NYC
  • Discount for multiple lessons

“If you fall in love with the process of improvement, the game will come easy to you” – Coach Paul

1 on 1

Private lesson – $100

5 lesson package – $450

10 lesson package – $900

Group training (2+ kids)

$50 per player

5 lesson package – $200 per player

10 lesson package – $400

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