Recess Programs

Positive play turns into a positive learning day.

What We Do

1. Review – We assess your current recess structure, space, and any challenge areas you are facing.

2. Collaborate – Working with your school staff, we define program goals and create a personalized plan for your recess program. We then map out your space structure, desired activities, and develop a staff involvement plan. This could include in-person meetings or professional development with school employees.

3. Implement – During recess time, our coaches provide activity stations that include structured activities, supplemented by a free play area. This helps ensure that all students have a reason to look forward to recess.


Our coaches are trained to turn your yard into a physically and emotionally safe environment that promotes student participation and inclusivity in all activities, so that no matter a child’s ability level or interest, they feel confident and welcome! Our coaches’ main goal is to always be the best part of every kid’s day!

The Results

Kids in the Game coaches lead activity stations:

  • that increase vigorous physical activity by 25%.
  • that have a 90% participation rate.
  • show a 40% increase in prosocial behaviors.

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