Field Days

Field Days
Field Days

If you think your kids are excited for field days, wait till you meet our coaches!

What We Do

1. Review – We assess your on-site space or research available spaces in the neighborhood and prepare permits. Once a space is identified, the planning begins!

2. Collaborate – Working with school staff, we’ll discuss the goals of the event, map out the available space, and determine which games and activities to run. Through in-person or virtual meetings, we’ll lay out a staff involvement plan, event timing, and activity transitions.

3. Implement – On the day of the event our coaches will setup, run the activities, and cleanup at the conclusion of the day. Our coaches bring the knowledge and energy to get everyone engaged and having a blast!

The Results

  • Creates an atmosphere of community and school pride.
  • Increases sportsmanship and prosocial behaviors.
  • Provides a fun-filled day for all students, staff and families involved!

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