Donating just a few hours of your time per week will not only make a difference in a child’s life, it will make a positive impact on yours too! By taking part in our programs, you will have the chance to leave your footprint on the communities closest to you.

  • After-School Tutor

    Purpose: The position of After-School Tutor supports Kids in the Game’s educational program for elementary school students. The tutoring program is designed to help elementary school students achieve academic success.

    Key Responsibilities: The After-School Tutor will work with a select group of students to provide assistance in multiple academic subjects, assist students to develop a better understanding of homework assignments, review completed assignments, and provide positive feedback on the student’s progress to encourage the student’s continued focus on academic excellence.

  • Sports & Fitness Mentor

    Purpose: The position of Sports & Fitness Mentor supports children in the Kids in the Game sports skill development program for elementary and middle school students. The mentoring program is designed to empower youth through quality mentoring relationships.

    Key Responsibilities: The Sports & Fitness Mentor works one on one to develop a relationship and engage in activities that will provide mentees with a better foundation in the designated activity. The Sports & Fitness Mentor will build a relationship with one child in the Kids in the Game community and participate in the designated activity.

  • Events Volunteer

    Purpose: he position of Events Volunteer supports the Kids in the Game programs on weekday afternoons and weekends. These can be one-time events, multiple times per week or weekly sports skill development clinics for elementary and middle school students.

    Key Responsibilities: The Events Volunteer works as administrator during programs handling registrations, sign-ins, photography and any setup or breakdown necessary. Event volunteers may also assist coaches during activities as needed (setting up cones, keeping the facilities tidy, etc.).

  • Weekend Coach

    Purpose: The position of Weekend Coach supports children in the Kids in the Game sports skill development program for elementary and middle school students. The coaching program is designed to encourage, guide and train youth through organized sports.

    Key Responsibilities: The Weekend Coach works with kids in our sports programs to teach the skills necessary to be part of a successful sports team. The Weekend Coach assists the Head Coach by helping to improve the children’s technique, teamwork and leadership through skill-building drills and games.

Purpose: Our junior board is a group of young professionals who support the Foundation’s vision throughout the year in a number of ways. It’s a unique opportunity to collaborate with other forward-thinking professionals seeking to change the way kids are growing up in NYC.

Key Responsibilities: The Jr. Board Member attends monthly meetings, plans events and programs, works directly with the Foundation as a mentor, coach, and role model (Best. Part. Ever.), as well as grows the network through fundraising, developing partnerships, and new membership outreach.

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    Our Programs

    Programs For Our Schools

    These are some of the core programs that Kids in the Game typically works with schools on throughout the year. These become a part of the school day and our team becomes part of yours!

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    Programs For Our Familes

    Growing up a King Kid means participating in our summer camps, sports clinics, special events, movement classes, or one of our travel teams!

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    5 Reasons You Should Sign Up for Summer Camp

    “Have fun!” “Make new friends!” “Keep them entertained while we’re out of school!” All of these reasons ring true, but at Kids in the Game we believe Summer Camp can play a significant role in a kid’s life. Here are 5 of the reasons we believe in summer camp. 

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    Corporate Volunteer Day

    Together, we can make a difference.

    Kids in the Game works with over 20,000 kids a year at schools and programs across New York City. We span from Brooklyn to Queens, from the Lower East Side to Riverdale. Every program and school has unique needs and opportunities for your group to partner with us and tackle challenges kids and schools face in NYC. Our corporate volunteer program is unique and allows flexibility to tailor the day to fit your organization’s needs and wants. If you have a vision for the day, let us know and we will work together to put together your organization’s perfect volunteer day.

    Corporate Volunteer Day
    School Murals + Beautification

    School Murals + Beautification

    Help us glam up a school that needs a good dose of TLC!
    Sports Equipment Donations

    Sports Equipment Donations

    Help us provide and package new PE equipment kits for schools in need!
    Play like a kid!

    Play like a kid!

    The best part of our volunteer days is that you get to spend time playing with the kids you're positively impacting.

    Kids in the Game Partners with VML Foundation

    Organize. Build. Play. Whether we are talking about Legos, fort building or gathering friends for a pickup game of soccer the process remains the same: Organize. Build. Play. Kids in the Game partnered up with the VML Foundation to put these words into action while giving back to our community. The VML Foundation is the non-profit foundation of VML (a creative advertising agency) that aims to give back to the communities they work and live in. Each year their 26 worldwide locations take the same day off work to participate in the VML Foundation Day and volunteer. This year, VML New York City chose to work with us.

    Corporate Volunteer Day

    Step 1: Organize.

    After a generous donation from the VML Foundation we were able to order large quantities of brand new PE equipment to be donated to three schools: two in Harlem and one in the Bronx. Eight dozen balls, 160+ cones, dozens of jump ropes, flag football gear, floor spots, and basically any other PE gear you can imagine all randomly packed in boxes—mix and match, sort it out and get that gear organized.

    Step 2: Build.

    Many schools in New York City not only lack adequate PE equipment, but they also lack storage space for the equipment they do have. Racks, boxes, and storage containers to the rescue! Our VML volunteers got out their tools and constructed storage solutions for each school.

    Corporate Volunteer Day
    Corporate Volunteer Day

    Step 3: Play.

    The hard work is done, and now it’s time to enjoy the benefits. It is finally time to play! The three schools we partnered with were gracious enough to welcome us into their gyms for the donation unveil and to play a few games. The VML team was greeted by over 240 excited kids ready to dominate in a game of wizard ball! It's debatable who had more fun playing, the kids or the volunteers. We'll call it a tie for now!

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