KING Hoops moves into Spring Season

As March comes to an end and brackets are thrown in the trash, it’s a good time for most teams to reflect on the past season. King Hoops teams began practicing in October, similar to most college teams and finished (much to our dismay) a little too early in March.

Our teams participated in the 55 Swish league at Basketball City this past year. Our kids were tested every week both mentally and physically. As a coaching staff, one of the our biggest challenges was getting our kids to play through adversity. At the start of the season, if we got down 8-10 points the attitude was very much, “that’s it, we’re losing, we’re going to lose…” and down went the effort level. We were constantly looking for new ways to keep our kids motivated and their heads in the game.

This is something I’ve seen a lot of especially with kids in middle school. Middle school competition levels begin to increase and this may be the first time some players aren’t the best ones on the court. This can be a challenging thing to deal with, especially mentally. Therefore, we like to instill confidence in our players in a variety of ways: verbally with positive language and encouragement or physically with high fives, hugs, and huddles. We value getting to know our players as individuals and recognizing what motivates them. If we can get a group of ten mentally strong players to click as one cohesive team we know a long March is in our future.

This past Saturday we finished our last tryout this past Saturday with a total of 84 kids in attendance! We have spent this week calling kids from all over the city to give them the good news that they are now KING Hoopers. It’s an exciting time for the King Hoops program and we look forward to a great Spring season with our teams.

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