Scavenger Hunts, Sports and Social Distancing: A Summer Camp Activities Guide

How do you keep kids entertained and active while maintaining social distance you ask? Our experienced curriculum team came up with a long list of fun, exciting, challenging ideas for summer camp activities while social distancing that everyone loves. You can thank us later.

From sports games to crafts, themed days, STEM projects, and more, here is a list of 7 programming activities that allow social distancing and a ton of fun. 

  1. Play human foosball with offensive and defensive player zones. Use floor tape or cones to designate zones, limiting equipment sharing and physical contact between campers. 
  2. Kick instead of throw. Modify sports games like kickball or dodgeball that require balls to be thrown to be kicked instead. This limits hands touching equipment. 
  3. Teach specific sport skills and create individual challenges for campers to practice performing, just like the NBA Skills Challenge! Pick your sport, teach and demonstrate a few different skills, then put them all together in one motion before the big challenge. This limits contact, equipment sharing and encourages skill building. 
  4. Themed days at camp are the perfect opportunity to build team spirit, promote inclusivity and foster friendships that will outlast camp. Wacky hats, silly socks, team jerseys and superheroes are a great place to start. 
  5. We call it ‘Camps Got Talent.’ Host your own talent show! This gets the camper’s creativity flowing and allows them to work together to achieve a goal. Start with group creation, practice, stage and prop build, then showtime!
  6. Let’s have a Building Bonanza. Working in their group cohort, campers will use various materials to create and build their own projects from scratch. Throughout the week groups can create blueprints and collect materials to use for their project. This fosters creativity, resourcefulness, teamwork and completion! 
  7. Be Free and Do Like Me. This twist on a classic dance party and Simon Says is the perfect way to get everyone engaged and moving. Campers will spread out in their own space then imitate the different movements your coach does. Put on some music to grab everyone’s attention – we recommend this playlist

As we close out the summer and transition back to school, we want to recognize the incredible memories we’ve made and positive experiences we’ve had by reuniting through summer camp. To our 2020 camp families,  thank you for trusting us. We’ve had a blast.

“We are so happy that we decided to brave the COVID summer of 2020 and send our three children to Kids in the Game camp. The staff is vigilant about keeping the children and counselors properly socially distanced and masked. Despite these atypical camp procedures, they are still incredibly successful and motivated at engaging the children in all the different camp activities… Kids in the Game has saved summer for our family.”

— 2020 Camp Parent