KING Hoops Participates in UBS NextGen Leaders Event

Our KING Hoops basketball program had the opportunity to participate in the UBS NextGen Leaders program through our good friends over at Laureus USA. The NextGen Leaders program aims to increase college and career success for first-generation students and advance intergenerational economic mobility through bachelor’s degree attainment.

Our kids were put through the Hire Power curriculum that guided them through the power of storytelling, particularly in the interview process. By using this curriculum, our kids with the UBS volunteers practiced their communication skills and developed a strong portfolio of stories appropriate for a workplace setting. The players then got the chance to practice their storytelling in both a group setting and in mock interviews.

KING Hoops and all our Kids in the Game programs value inclusivity and diversity amongst our kids. By nature of growing up in New York City, all our kids have unique stories to tell, and as they are beginning their college and first job application processes, this event was the perfect exercise to refine their communication skills without losing their unique story.

Big thank you to Laureus for allowing our guys to participate in the great event put on by UBS. These are the types of events that help our basketball program stand out from the others in the NYC scene.