Kids in the Game teams up with UNICEF Kid Power program

What if all it took to make a positive impact in the world was to simply walk, play and be a kid?

Thanks to the Jr. NBA, Kids in the Game has been selected to participate in UNICEF’s Kid Power Training program and do just that. Starting this week, 4th through 8th graders in our Mount Carmel Holy Rosary (MCHR) after-school program will be participating in the program that translates steps taken into philanthropic efforts. The Training Program is a kids-helping-kids initiative that “promotes both fitness and global citizenship”.

Each student will receive a Kid Power band that will track their movement and count their steps. With every 2,400 steps the student takes they will receive a Kid Power Point. A cumulation of 10 points earns a therapeutic food packet donation. These packets contain a nutrient-rich peanut paste specifically designed for kids in malnourished communities. UNICEF has donated to over 190 countries and will determine where the packets go by which communities need it the most.

Not only will this program increase our kid’s physical fitness awareness but it will also test their responsibility skills. The kids will be wearing the bands throughout the day and will take them home each evening. They are responsible for their own band and keeping it in tip-top shape. Our staff will collect the bands for each weekend to recharge and sync all results on the program tablet.

“I was amazed by the infectious humanitarianism my kids displayed right after I introduced the Kid Power Band mission. My kids are informed and ready to be active to help as many kids as possible”, said Tracey Lewis, Kids in the Game, MCHR After-School Director.

And because everyone loves a good ol’ fashioned contest, we have decided to add a classic grade versus grade competition to help those legs keep stepping. 4th grade will be competing against 5th and the middle school 6th, 7th and 8th grades will try to outstep each other. Along with the kids getting Power Bands, teachers and Kids in the Game staff will also be joining in the fun and stepping along with the kids. Their steps will count towards their team totals as well as gaining overall power points.

We at Kids in the Game feel very fortunate to be a part of this program. Bringing social awareness and empowerment to our kids and staff is a core value we hold. It is an honor to be taking this step (pun intended!) with UNICEF to end malnourishment around the world.