We Stand Together.

For a brighter future for all people and all kids.

We Stand Together.

As a youth development organization, Kids in the Game is committed to advancing diversity and inclusion now and forever. We can’t and won’t turn our backs on racism. We have to take action not only in times of heightened turmoil but each and every day. When we come together as people, anything is possible.

We have a responsibility to our kids to be a resource for them during these unimaginably difficult times. It is not our job to tell them how to think or tell them how to feel. It is our responsibility to listen, learn and be available. Over the course of the next few weeks our KING Hoops staff will facilitate virtual meet ups with our players and families to engage in purposeful conversation about how we can help positively affect change. We refuse to sit back and wait for social media to decide when this crisis will be over. We must be proactive today and everyday so this next generation of leaders will see a brighter America in the days ahead. 

As an organization, we have big goals. We believe in the power sport and youth development has on fostering positive social change. We believe that given the opportunity, all kids can achieve. And while we believe, we also recognize. We recognize not all kids begin at the same starting line and are 10 feet behind when the race starts. We recognize that many of our Black and Brown student-athletes think their only way ‘out’ is through sports. It is because of these beliefs and recognition that we feel so confident, that while our goals are big, they are realistic. Each and every one of our programs is designed to create positive outcomes for every student-athlete regardless of their skin color, economic standing, religious beliefs, or their athletic ability. 

Form Impactful, Long Term Relationships

Our programs create a safe environment that foster adult  and peer relationships through shared experiences.

Develop Emotional Intelligence of Youth

Our programs provide the groundwork for our kids to learn the workforce skills needed for their future.

Foster a Positive Sense of Self

Our activities are inclusive, allowing all kids to be successful and confident.

Connect People of All Background

NYC is a big city: we like to make it feel a little smaller.

Provide a Better Way to Play

We believe sport is the platform for the overlap of functional and social emotional development – they must be widely available.

When we are diverse, we win. 

When we are diverse, we win.

When we are inclusive, we win. 

When we are inclusive, we win.
When we are inclusive, we win.

When we play, we win. 

When we play, we win.
When we play, we win.

Let’s be a part of the change, together.