After-School Programs

After-School Programs
After-School Programs
After-School Programs

Just because the school day ends, doesn’t mean the fun has to.

Our after-school programming is made up of both full, comprehensive programs, and enrichment style classes. We offer your students the option participating in a variety of activities, or focusing on and developing a specific skill set or a combination of both! Both programs are built on mentorship and emphasizing valuable life lessons.

1. All-Encompassing Full Programs – Our full after-school program combines a range of activities including sports, homework help, creative movement, dance, STEAM projects, special events, and fitness games-galore into a daily program. Kids in the Game will handle registrations, as well as hire a full staff to coordinate your program before your students return home to their families.

2.Enrichment Administration – Working collaboratively with your school’s vision for after-school and existing vendors, Kids in the Game will provide specialty classes ranging from Warrior Fitness and Coding to Mad Science, Hip Hop, Ultimate Sports, and more! We handle all registrations, build a custom webpage for your school, and coordinate transitions to and from the enrichment classes.

3. Classes & Teams – Looking for a coach? We’ve got exactly what you need! Kids in the Game acts as your athletic department, building your school spirit and getting kids active. Whether it is one or multiple sports throughout the year, we will manage try-outs, practices, jerseys and schedules, as well as coach the season.

The Results

  • 91% of students develop a new peer relationship
  • 86% had a new experience

INCREASE: ability to manage emotions, self-confidence and leadership skills

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